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Friends & Lovers

Citadel-Mafy 05/05/1999 Download
Film Film release: 1999

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# Track   Lengte
1.Friends And Lovers3:33
2.Too Shy2:23
3.Can't Keep Still2:47
4.Stuck In The Middle4:07
5.Anything For You3:25
6.You Belong To The Moon3:39
7.Someone Like You2:57
8.Father And Son2:38
10.David And Manny1:23
11.Hallways And Stairs1:33
13.Hans' Theme0:46
14.Getting Ready2:31
15.Keaton And Jane2:19
16.Bedroom Bug1:11
17.Country Motel1:18
18.Everything 'Bout Sex1:18
19.Morning Confessions4:01
20.Pointed Head0:59
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Friends & Lovers (1999)

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