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Genie Music Corporation 02/05/2021 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Ombra Mai FuSung Hoon Choi3:01
2.Adrenaline (Italian Ver.)Aalia3:27
4.LacrimosaLa Poem3:47
5.Is This LoveAalia3:37
6.I′M Always By Your SideJohn Park3:51
7.Questo Edificio È MioSong Jin Suk2:14
8.Night Of SicilyPark Se Jun & Song Jae Kyeong3:03
9.MafiaKim Min Ji & Park Se Jun3:33
10.The Last Of BabelLee Nyeom2:55
11.Appearance (Show Time)Na Sang Jin & Park Se Jun1:51
12.For The JusticeWoo Ji Hun & Park Se Jun2:15
13.JifuragiNa Sang Jin & Park Se Jun1:58
14.Stopped TimeWoo Ji Hun & Park Se Jun3:40
15.Un Diavolo Scaccia L′AltroLee Nyeom2:48
16.AddioNa Yun Sik & Park Se Jun3:15
17.If You WantKim Dong Hyeok1:32
18.AspettateWoo Ji Hun & Park Se Jun1:50
19.Holy AngerNa Sang Jin & Park Se Jun2:46
20.Is This Love (Guitar Ver.)Park Se Jun & Kim Jae Hwan2:08
21.BootyWoo Ji Hun & Park Se Jun1:58
22.Finestra Di EspiazioneKim Ji Ae & Park Se Jun3:07
23.RetributorLee Nyeom & Park Se Jun2:11
24.LombirghiniSong Jin Suk & Park Se Jun2:12
25.Dark Side Of MeNa Sang Jin & Park Se Jun2:05
26.A Silent CryNa Yun Sik & Park Se Jun2:41
27.Corn SaladKim Tea Hwan & Park Se Jun1:58
28.Country Of KimchiYu Hui Hyeon & Park Se Jun1:29
29.Vincenzo The PhoenixKim Dong Hyeok1:58
30.Hold BackYu Hui Hyeon & Park Se Jun1:44
31.BeadKim Ji Ae & Park Se Jun2:11
32.Secret WeaponWoo Ji Hun & Park Se Jun1:50
33.I′M Sorry I Didn′T KnowWoo Ji Hun & Park Se Jun2:07
34.Chaos Keumga PlazaSong Jae Kyung & Park Se Jun2:21
35.Il Male È Grande E VastoNa Sang Jin & Park Se Jun2:34
36.Is This Love (Inst.)Kim Tea Hwan & Park Se Jun2:05
37.Two IdiotsYu Hui Hyeon & Park Se Jun1:55
38.Bungeoppang With My MomSong Jin Suk & Park Se Jun2:18
39.DoomsdayKim Dong Hyuk & Choi Moon Seok2:14
40.Baksumudang VincezoYu Hui Hyeon & Park Se Jun0:50
41.Zumba DanceWoo Ji Hun & Park Se Jun2:04
42.Through The YearsSong Jin Suk & Park Se Jun2:12
43.Mom′S LetterKim Min Ji & Park Se Jun2:36
44.Your VacancyLee Nyeom3:30
45.ExhaleChoi Mun Seok & Kim Dong Hyuk3:09
46.Why Are You Standing ThereYu Hui Hyeon & Park Se Jun1:34
47.Never Felt BetterYu Hui Hyeon & Park Se Jun1:17
48.Lawyer NemSong Jae Kyung & Park Se Jun2:01
49.Happily Today As WellNa Yun Sik & Park Se Jun1:34
50.Empty MindKim Min Ji & Park Se Jun3:32
51.InzaghiSong Jae Kyung & Park Se Jun2:24
52.Anxious MonkKim Tea Hwan & Park Se Jun1:47
53.Cavalleria RusticanaPietro Mascagni3:32
54.Fish-Shaped Buns And Carp-Shaped BunsNa Yun Sik & Park Se Jun1:32
55.Unmatched CutenessKim Min Ji & Park Se Jun1:25
56.SshabalaSong Jin Suk & Hwang Seung Feel1:59
57.March Of The PriestsWolfgang Amadeus Mozart2:48
58.Pasta PartyNa Yun Sik & Park Se Jun1:18
59.It Smells Bad SomewhereKim Tea Hwan & Park Se Jun2:07
60.Nabucco Hebrew Slaves ChorusGiuseppe Verdi3:54
61.Chaconne SorroSong Jae Kyung & Park Se Jun2:56
62.Where Is My GoldSong Jin Suk & Hwang Seung Feel2:45
63.Vincenzo Theme But Gisuk ThemeNa Yun Sik & Park Se Jun2:33
64.Operation StartNa Yun Sik & Park Se Jun2:01
65.Escape From UsSong Jin Suk & Park Se Jun2:19
66.Rdu-90Kim Min Ji & Park Se Jun1:40
67.Gold Is In Our HeartsLee Nyeom & Park Se Jun2:02
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