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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Volume 1, Episodes 1-3

Hollywood Records 09/04/2021 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Louisiana Hero 
2.Tough Act to Follow 
3.Airborne Operation 
4.Smithsonian Tribute 
6.What Do You Want? 
7.Pluck Up the Nerve 
8.New Agitators 
9.The Wrong Guy 
10.America's Sweetheart 
11.No Parachute 
14.Safe House 
15.Someone You Should Meet 
16.Overlooked For Promotion 
17.Warranted Attention 
18.Fraying Edges 
19.Take One For the Team 
20.Unnecessary Use of Force 
21.Prison Break 
22.A Marriage of Convenience 
23.A Pure Heart 
24.Low Town 
25.Attack, Soldier! 
26.Breaking Character 
27.Bad Science 
28.Masked Man 
29.Dissent and Disillusionment 
31.Star Spangled Man 
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