Super Saga

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# Track   Lengte
2.Start of Adventure1:02
3.Learning To Jump1:12
4.Big Blue World1:24
6.Skies of Blue1:04
7.Cloudy Field1:04
8.Underwater Arrow1:28
9.Back on Land1:01
10.Sunshine Forest1:16
11.Old Friends1:15
12.Old Enemies1:08
13.Brother (Not a Friend)1:15
14.Sister (Kinda Friendly)1:13
15.Family Reunited (All Friends Now)1:28
16.World Saved1:20
17.They Broke The Happy1:06
18.Time For Rest1:10
19.Feeling Better1:36
20.Saved again (For Real This Time)1:02
21.Getting Back to The Farm1:22
22.Back At The Farm Now (End Scene)1:10
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