Over the Moon

Milan Records 23/10/2020 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.On the Moon AboveRuthie Ann Miles, John Cho & Cathy Ang 
2.MooncakesRuthie Ann Miles, John Cho & Cathy Ang 
3.Rocket to the MoonCathy Ang 
4.Rocket to the Moon (Reprise)Cathy Ang 
5.UltraluminaryPhillipa Soo 
6.Hey BoyPhillipa Soo & Robert Chiu 
7.WonderfulKen Jeong & Cathy Ang 
8.Yours Forever (Reprise)Phillipa Soo & Conrad Ricamora 
9.Love Someone NewPhillipa Soo & Cathy Ang 
10.Moon Phases 
11.Itís Good to Meet New People 
12.Family Invasion 
13.Nighttime Conversation 
14.Science Project 
15.Journey to Lunaria 
16.Consider Yourself Welcomed 
17.This Road is a Suicide Mission 
18.A Bonding Experience 
19.Iíve Lost Everything Now 
20.The Chamber of Exquisite Sadness 
21.Remember When We Said Goodbye 
22.Back Home 
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