Wish Upon A Unicorn

Back Lot Music 15/09/2020 Download
Film Film release: 2020

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# Track   Lengte
1.Wish Upon A Unicorn1:16
2.Welcome to the Country1:01
3.Gummy Bears and a Cupholder0:33
4.Everyone Has Bad Days1:05
5.Magical Light0:34
6.Meeting New Friends1:21
7.Life On A Farm0:27
8.Big Change Is Hard4:02
9.Researching Unicorns1:28
10.Making The Deal0:57
11.Meet Rocco2:55
12.Nobody Owns A Unicorn1:23
13.Goodnight Rocco0:32
14.Evening Prayer1:16
15.Magical Bus Ride0:48
16.Horn Thief1:48
17.Chased by Grandma0:52
19.A Fancy Pony0:30
20.The Spirit Of Our Mother1:37
21.Racing Through The Country2:08
22.A Simple Kiss0:48
23.Willie On A Mission1:06
24.Pony Up Everybody1:03
26.Help Is On The Way1:34
27.Save The Unicorn2:42
28.In Pursuit1:34
29.Believe In Us2:22
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