The Best Of The X-Files

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# Track   Lengte
1.X-Files Main Theme (From The X-Files)2:46
2.Mother Genes (From The X-Files-Christmas Carol)3:14
3.Suite (From The X-Files-Dreamland, Pt. 2)3:10
4.Crater Hug (From The X-Files-Fight The Future)1:55
5.Facts (From The X-Files-Fight The Future)2:30
6.Threnody In X (From The X-Files-Fight The Future)2:20
7.Dancing Bones (From The X-Files-Hollywood A.D.)1:35
8.A Gift (From The X-Files-How The Ghosts Stole Christmas)1:38
9.Home Again (From The X-Files-I Want To Believe)4:07
10.The Surgery (From The X-Files I Want To Believe)2:56
11.The Trip To DC (From The X-Files-I Want To Believe)3:40
12.Dim Memories (From The X-Files-The Field Where I Died)1:04
13.JJ's Diner (From The X-Files-The Post Modern Prometheus)2:59
14.Amor Fati-The Martyr (From The X-Files-The Sixth Extinction II)1:26
15.The Truth Is Inside (From The Truth, Pt. 2)2:56
16.Star Speak (From The X-Files-This Is Not Happening)2:54
17.Suite (From The X-Files-This Is Not Happening)4:24
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