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Crash Team Racing - The Themes

8-Bit Arcade 01/09/2020 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Begin Race0:7
2.Blizzard Bluff2:48
3.Boss Race3:06
4.Citadel City Map1:04
5.Coco Park2:30
6.Cortex Castle4:25
7.Crash Cove0:16
8.Crash, Coco & Fake Crash Presentation4:30
10.Dingo Canyon2:56
11.Dingodile & Tiny Wins0:18
12.Doctor Neo Cortex, Doctor N-Gin & Doctor Nepharious Presentation0:17
13.Dragon Mines3:15
14.Final Lap0:3
15.Hot Air Skyway2:08
16.Intro Theme1:39
17.Invincible Aku-Aku0:24
18.Invincible Uka-Uka0:21
19.Island Hub5:01
20.Komodo Joe & Pinstripe Potoroo Presentation0:17
21.Lab Basement2:47
22.Lose Race1:08
23.Lost Ruins Map1:02
24.Mystery Caves3:46
25.N. Gin Labs5:12
26.N. Sanity Beach Map1:01
27.Nitro Court2:49
28.Oxide Station2:31
29.Papu's Pyramid4:06
30.Parking Lot2:39
31.Polar Pass4:28
32.Pura & Polar Wins0:18
33.Rampage Ruins2:37
34.Ripper Roo, Papu-Papu & Penta Penguin Presentation0:17
35.Rocky Road4:14
36.Roo's Tubes4:29
38.Sewer Speedway4:25
39.Skull Rock3:14
40.Spaceship Map1:04
41.The North Bowl2:51
42.Tiger Temple3:02
43.Tiny Arena2:20
44.Title Theme1:30
45.Uka-Uka Invincibility0:21
46.Win Race1:08
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