Mobius Final Fantasy 3


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# Track   Lengte
2.Reisender's Theme: Life and Death3:45
3.Warrior of Despair's Theme3:53
4.Dream Within a Dream: FFX Collaboration3:19
5.Prima Donna: Palamecia the Beautiful2:46
6.Moonlit Masquerade4:03
7.Beats of War3:24
8.A World Adrift1:48
9.Bailarina: Fanatical Dance4:19
10.Tropical Traveler2:57
11.Sophie's Theme1:58
12.Risk Taker: A Bet for the Ages2:10
13.A Day in the Life3:49
14.Heavens' Wail3:18
15.The Phantom3:30
16.Hah hah hah hah!: FFX Collaboration0:32
17.Ending Credits: Warrior of Despair7:15
18.Reisender's Theme: Life and Death Remix5:30
19.Who are you...?2:07
21.His Name? The Warrior of Despair2:27
22.The Mourner4:15
23.The Slumbering Warriors (Teaser Version)0:54
24.Mobius Love4:42
25.Graff's Theme3:48
26.Cleaning House2:44
27.Ultimate Hero: Dawn Warrior4:08
28.Ultimate Coliseum: All-Star Battle Extravaganza4:23
30.Extreme Warriors3:57
31.Our Story: FFX Collaboration1:07
32.Outlaw of Despair2:35
34.Mobius Love Remix Featuring You3:29
35.Grand General3:47
36.Phantom Wedding: My Beloved1:19
37.Proud Cygnus3:33
38.Mobius Love (Echo Showtime Version)1:25
39.I am Graff3:30
40.Primeval Witch3:06
41.The Phoenix: Vermilion Wing3:58
42.A Tale Forgotten1:51
45.None Shall Remember the Names of Those Who Do Not Fight.3:35
46.The Slumbering Warriors3:31
47.Sophie the Freelancer3:46
48.Destined Saviour4:26
49.Mobius Love (Karaoke Version)4:41
50.Furious Salvo: Ascetic3:56
51.The Nameless Maiden2:35
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