Steven Universe: Season 2

Cartoon Network Music 26/06/2020 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Young Gems1:49
2.Amethyst's Theme1:04
3.Sky Arena / Let Me Do This For You2:06
4.Gem Shards2:50
5.Enticement (Pearl & Garnet's Fusion Dance)0:32
6.Sardonyx's Theme2:02
7.luv u dad (And Garnet) (feat. Rebecca Sugar)1:04
8.Reconciliation (Ruby & Sapphire's Fusion Dance 2)1:33
9.Forgiveness (Pearl & Garnet's Fusion Dance 2)1:37
10.Peridot's Escape1:17
11.We Are Malachite1:32
12.Mother And Daughter1:07
13.Theme From An Endless Romance3:24
14.Good Morning (feat. John Conte) (SU Version)0:59
15.Little Peridot1:00
16.Peridot In The Rain1:36
17.The Robolympics / Pearlbot Vs Peribot2:52
18.The Story Of Sapphire & Ruby1:24
19.The Rebels / Garnet's First Fusion1:29
20.The Answer1:13
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