Maid in Manhattan / Outrageous Fortune
Complete score

Bootleg (3418120021987)
Film | Releasejaar: 2009 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
Maid In Manhattan
2.To School And Work2:15
3.A Berestord Maid0:42
5.Madison Counter0:54
6.Ty's Nixon Speech2:42
7.Dolce Coat / Hotel Elevator2:16
8.Meeting Mom1:37
9.A Walk In The Park1:12
10.Tyler Interrupts0:42
11.Paper Clip / Watching Penguins2:46
12.Bye For Now0:30
13.Accelerated Application1:41
14.Marisa And Ty Argue / Time-Punch Card1:16
15.The Front Page1:02
17.Marisa's Quick Prayer0:17
18.Butler Service / Caroline Makes An Entrance3:01
19.Deal / Going To Bed1:26
20.The Invitation1:33
21.The Morning After / Marisa Makes A Call1:58
22.Surveillance Tape Check / Seeing Mr. Bextrum1:33
23.Marisa Is Fired0:55
24.Lionel And Marisa Say Goodbye0:33
25.Marisa And Her Mom / New Headline1:05
26.Mr. Marshall Meets The Press0:41
27.Second Chance / Love At Last3:36
28.End Credits1:50
29.Lavender Reprise [Dance Of The Blessed Spirits]3:04
30.Come Away With Me3:15
31.Don't Know Why3:04
32.Kathy's Song2:46
Outrageous Fortune
33.Something Special [Main Title]4:57
34.Fencing Lesson0:41
35.Sandy Walks Home0:18
36.Slutty Sex Scenes / The Boyfriend Bangs Both0:31
37.Ghetto Cab Ride1:18
38.Outrageous Fortune3:26
39.Helicopter To The Rescue3:33
40.Maniac Michael Is The Menace1:21
41.Brothel Music1:06
42.Shootout And Exchange2:01
43.Sandy Persuades Frank0:36
44.Lauren & Sandy Reunite / Climbing The Rocks2:15
45.Lauren's Cliff Jump And Hamlet Finale1:35
46.The Last Time [End Credits]4:13
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