Mrs. America

Hollywood Records 22/05/2020 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Take Notes0:56
2.The Right People1:03
3.Mother/You Didn't Think I'd Win/Phyllis Consoles Eleanor1:55
4.Marital Duty1:09
5.DAR Luncheon/Schlafly Report2:45
6.The Last Gasp of the Patriarchy1:55
7.Gloria Confronts Bella1:38
8.Abortion Story/Gloria Remembers1:53
9.Go All the Way0:56
10.First Ballot0:51
11.Real Sisterhood/Into the Convention1:05
12.Women Cheer Shirley1:11
13.Phyllis Intersects Willie0:44
14.That's How You Win/Forced Swim2:07
15.Betty Vs Phyllis Debate/Gloria Finds the Flyer3:06
16.Tomorrow Show Intros/Phyllis Submissive1:42
17.Cold Turkey1:35
18.Phyllis Spreads the Message1:17
19.Those Kind of Women1:04
20.Phyllis Enlists Lottie/Wise Turk0:37
22.Lobbying Montage1:25
23.Jill's Speech0:46
24.Phyllis Heated/Great Slogan2:02
25.Battle Plans2:26
26.Can't Hold Her Hand1:07
27.Food Poisoning0:59
28.Alice Tripping Pt 1/Alice Tripping Pt 22:37
29.Alice's Appeal0:54
30.Sexual Preference Resolution1:34
31.I'm Nobody1:14
32.Afraid of You1:51
33.Tide Is Turning1:44
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