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# Track   Lengte
1.Babil Main Title Music1:38
2.Money Talks / Irfan-Egemen1:56
3.The Choice1:35
4.Now It's the Time2:18
5.Nobody Loves Me / Egemen2:26
6.Thank You God1:42
7.The Beginning1:43
8.Out of Breath1:53
9.My Son (Piano & Flute Version)2:28
10.A New Life3:39
11.The Other Side of Babil1:27
13.I Am Not Guilty2:42
14.Old Times / Eda-Egemen2:01
16.The Secret1:46
17.What I Had To Do2:22
18.Wish You Were Here / Ilay-Irfan1:44
19.Inside My Heart / Ayse-Irfan1:28
20.My Dark World1:56
21.Tears of my Dad / Deniz-Irfan1:50
22.The Gateaway1:24
24.I Need You / Eda1:25
25.We Will See Good Days1:04
26.Goodbye Home2:35
27.My Story3:44
28.Do not Speak1:46
29.I Still Love You / Ilay-Irfan2:10
30.Believe Me1:46
31.Tell him the Truth1:35
32.Inside my Heart (Piano Versiyon)1:13
34.My Hope is Gone1:34
35.My Son Will Die2:15
36.You Are In The Dark Side2:12
37.Good Times Will Come1:36
38.The Black Box1:23
40.Father and Son (Piano & Cello Version)2:28
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