Back Lot Music 14/02/2020 Download
Film Film release: 2020

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Emma WoodhouseDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:48
2.Poor Miss TaylorDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:41
3.Mr. KnightleyDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:39
4.Emma Is BoredDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge0:44
5.Harriet SmithDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:16
6.Country LifeThe Watersons1:59
7.Harriet Smith And Robert Martin Meet On The RoadDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:09
8.How Firm A FoundationMaddy Prior & The Carnival Band2:51
9.Mr. Elton Reveals The PortraitDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge0:51
10.Hark! Hark What NewsMaddy Prior & The Carnival Band1:44
11.Walk To Mrs. Goddard's SchoolDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge0:36
12.Christmas Dinner At The Weston'sDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:22
13.O Waly, WalyJohn Rutter & The Cambridge Singers2:46
14.You Must Sample The TartDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge0:43
15.Jane Fairfax Plays Mozart Sonata in FAmber Anderson1:46
16.Harriet Smith And Robert Martin Meet In The RainDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:50
17.Frank Churchill Arrives At HartfieldDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:42
18.We Cannot Do Without DancingDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge0:54
19.Supper Party At The ColesDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:01
20.Mr. Knightley And Jane Fairfax Duet (Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes)Johnny Flynn & Amber Anderson1:33
21.Mrs. Elton Arrives At HartfieldDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:29
22.We Shall Have Our BallDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:21
23.Mr. Turner's WaltzChamber Orchestra Of London2:09
24.Mr. Knightley Chases After EmmaDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:10
25.Mr. Knightley Is DestroyedDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge0:55
26.Donwell Abbey (Haydn's Farewell Symphony)Amber Anderson1:42
27.Badly Done, EmmaDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge0:59
28.Jane Fairfax Plays Beethoven Sonata No. 23Amber Anderson0:57
29.Emma Is LostDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:07
30.The Proposal (Under The Horse Chestnut Tree)David Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge3:35
31.The Game Of CardsMaddy Prior & June Tabor3:20
32.A Chill Draft About The KneesDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge1:05
33.Emma And Mr. Knightley (A Kiss Before They Wed)David Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge3:06
34.Queen BeeJohnny Flynn3:38
35.Emma SuiteDavid Schweitzer Isobel Waller-Bridge6:07
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