Nina of the Woods

Sonic Legion 20/02/2020 Download
Film Film release: 2020

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# Track   Lengte
1.Something Out of Nothing4:50
2.Burning Sea (feat. Nina Berglund & Andadu)2:30
3.The Diner3:37
4.It Works Without You1:13
5.Into the Woods1:10
6.Enchanted Forest2:21
7.The Magic of Nature0:55
8.Make It Good1:45
9.Stay in the Clearing2:28
10.Did You Feel That3:29
11.The Ravine1:23
12.It Responds3:19
13.We'll Find Our Way Out in the Morning4:42
14.Seeing Into the Darkness1:28
15.The Meaning of Life2:14
16.We're in a Spiral4:41
17.We Can't Stay Here1:44
18.A Never Ending Loop Back In2:32
19.I Told You This Would Happen1:10
20.Past and Present1:12
22.Around and Around0:46
23.Worlds Away (feat. Nina Berglund & Andadu)2:51
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