Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
MOVATM207 - silver & black marbled vinyl

Music on Vinyl 24/01/2020 Vinyl - 500 exemplaren (8719262007062)
Film Film release: 2011

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.I See Everything0:39
2.That Is My Curse Shadows Part 11:51
3.Tick Tock Shadows Part 28:13
4.Chess Shadows Part 37:34
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side B
1.It’s So Overt It’s Covert3:19
2.Romanian Wind1:56
3.Did You Kill My Wife?2:42
4.He’s All Me Me Me1:58
5.The Mycroft Suite1:41
6.To the Opera!(incl. “Don Giovanni: A Cenar Teco”Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)4:03
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side C
1.Two Mules For Sister SaraEnnio Morricone2:34
2.Die ForelleFranz Schubert, Ian Bostridge & Julius Drake3:23
3.Zu Viele Füchse Für Euch Hänsel1:47
4.The Red Book4:00
# Track   Lengte
Side D
1.Moral Insanity1:31
2.Memories Of Sherlock2:11
3.The End?2:26
4.Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix)5:40
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