Piglet's Big Movie

Walt Disney Records (0050086008179)
Walt Disney Records (5050466661425)
Film | Releasejaar: 2003 | Film release: 2003 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
The Songs
1.Winnie the Pooh2:53
2.If I Wasn't So Small (The Piglet Song) - Carly Simon1:57
3.Mother's Intuition2:38
4.Sing Ho for the Life of a Bear1:37
5.The More It Snows (Tiddely-Pom)Jim Cummings/John Fiedler1:02
6.With a Few Good Friends2:38
7.The More I Look Inside4:22
8.Comforting to Know4:37
The Score
9.Scrapbook Pages2:05
10.River Roo2:57
11.Roo Joins the Quest2:32
12.Losing the Scrapbook1:39
13.Pooh and Piglet Corner3:12
Bonus tracks - Carly's Demo's
14.Winnie the Pooh1:26
15.If I Wasn't So Small (The Piglet Song)2:22
16.Mother's Intuition2:41
17.The More It Snows (Tiddely-Pom)0:35
18.The More I Look Inside1:49
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