Seven Worlds One Planet
Expanded Edition

Silva Screen Records 17/01/2020 CD
Silva Screen Records 17/01/2020 Download (0738572161521)

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Seven Worlds One Planet SuiteHans Zimmer & Jacob Shea 
2.European Macaques 
3.Eurasian Brown Bear 
4.Northern Lights 
6.Battling Musk Ox 
7.Great White Pelicans 
8.Austrian Hamsters 
9.Slovenian Olm 
10.Their Last Refuge 
11.Canadian Lynx 
12.Canadian Black Bears 
14.Tennessee River Chub 
15.Badger in Prairie Dog Town 
16.Polar Bears 
18.The House Of Gods (Angel Falls) 
19.Cotton-Top Tamarins 
20.South American Puma 
21.Guanaco Hunt 
22.Great Dusky Swifts 
# Track   Lengte
1.Weddell Seals 
2.Gentoo and Leopard Seal 
3.Albatross Facing Extinction 
4.Gentoo and Orca 
5.Humpback Whales 
6.South Georgia Whaling Station 
7.The Nudibranch 
8.Southern Right Whales 
10.Snowmen of the Mountains 
11.The Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys 
12.Australian Cassowary 
13.Prehistoric Predators 
14.Kangaroos and Dingoes 
15.Garden of Eden (Africa) 
16.A Monumental Feat 
17.The Brown Hyena Of Namibia 
18.Cheetahs Of Kenya 
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