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The Italian Job
50th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Quartet Records 27/12/2019 CD - Beperkte oplage (8436560844068)
Film Film release: 1969

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.On Days Like TheseMatt Monro3:40
2.Something’s Cookin’2:32
3.Hello, Mrs. Beckersman!1:04
4.Britannia and Mr. Bridger, If You Please2:02
5.Trouble for Charlie1:49
6.On Days Like These (Instrumental)3:13
7.It’s Caper Time (Self Preservation Society Instrumental)3:16
8.Meanwhile, Back at the Mafia1:26
9.Smell That Gold!1:34
10.Greensleve and All That Jazz2:09
11.On Days Like These (Reprise)1:15
12.Getta Bloomin’ Move on! (Self Preservation Society Vocal)4:01
13.On Days Like These (Fim Version)2:41
14.Altabani’s Footsteps0:39
15.Something’s Cookin’1:29
16.Bosso-Angelia (Coming Our Party)1:41
17.Hello, Mrs. Beckerman!1:04
18.Too Loo Two Procession and the British Grenadiers / Britannia and Mr. Bridger, If You Please Nº1 / Rule Britannia2:42
19.Greensleeves and All That Jazz0:58
20.Britannia and Mr. Bridger, If You Please Nº2 / God Save the Queen1:07
21.Arrange a Funeral0:50
22.Convoy to Mafia2:20
23.Trouble for Charlie1:49
24.Smell That Gold1:34
25.Meanwhile, Back in the Mafia1:23
26.It’s Caper Time3:17
27.Bang Bang (Getta Bloomin’ Move on!)4:05
28.Coach to Fatal Skid / End Title1:53
29.On Days Like These (Alternate)Matt Monro3:32
30.On Days Like These (French Version)Lou Reizner3:19
31.Getta Bloomin’ Move on! (Self Preservation Society Vocal) (Single Version)4:05
32.On Days Like These (Single Version)Vocal: Lou Reizner3:24
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