Nevada Smith: The Paramount Westerns Collection

La-La Land Records 03/12/2019 CD - 1000 exemplaren (0826924150221)

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
NEVADA SMITH (Alfred Newman)
1.Nevada Smith Main Title2:31
2.The Desperados Ride Off / Death and Desolation4:12
3.The Lonely Prairie2:51
4.The Next Morning4:44
5.Going West3:35
6.Neesa, the Indian Girl4:32
7.Mississippi River Boat1:58
8.Pilar, the Cajun Girl / Second Meeting4:20
9.Escape Through the Swamp6:24
10.Pilar's Death and Burial4:39
11.Eldorado Country / Eldorado Frontier1:40
12.The Mission Chapel / The Padre's Parable3:46
13.Fitch's Hideout1:27
14.The Gold Wagon2:10
15.Nevada Smith End Title1:55
EL DORADO (Nelson Riddle)
16.El Dorado Main Title (George Alexander, vocal)Music by Nelson Riddle, Lyrics by John Gabriel2:36
17.Hasta Luego1:03
18.Luke's Life Lingers0:46
19.Come Get Your Boy / Ambush / Cole's Misery2:03
20.Hasta La Vista / San Miguel1:26
21.La Cantina2:15
22.Charlie's Demise / The First Stroke1:23
23.Ride, Boldly Ride1:53
24.The Night and the Stars0:44
25.Maria Informs / Outmaneuvered3:36
26.Message From Maudie / McLeod Catches Cole1:06
27.The Farewell2:55
28.Bugle Call / Shootout1:24
29.El Dorado Finale0:51
30.El Dorado Main Title (alternate) (John Gabriel, vocal)Music by Nelson Riddle, Lyrics by John Gabriel2:35
31.El Dorado–Main Title Theme1:05
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Paramount Seal–Revised (Van Cleave) / Three Violent People Prelude1:46
2.Saunders Apologizes4:35
3.Here Comes the Bride / The Bedroom / My Wild and Reckless Heart (whistling)1:46
4.The Brothers Meet / Passion and Pastoral / Hoyt's Ranch1:57
5.Lorna Was Her Name1:20
6.For Services Rendered2:57
7.True Love?1:13
8.Stolen Horses / The Stampede (extended)4:42
9.The K.O. of Cinch / Vaya Con Dios2:33
10.Cinch's Showdown3:32
11.Three Violent People End Title0:42
13.My Wild and Reckless Heart (vocal)Music by Walter Scharf, Lyrics by Bebe Blake2:36
KID RODELO (Johnny Douglas)
14.Kid Rodelo Main Title (Kid Rodelo Theme) / Guards1:50
15.Kid Rodelo Theme1:28
17.Link's Death1:18
18.Real Gold1:22
20.Love Is Trouble (Tom Glazer)1:05
21.Riding / Buzzards & Coyotes*3:10
22.Kid & Indian2:12
23.Keep Moving / Transportation2:38
24.Indian Attack1:37
25.Kid Rodelo Finale (Love Is Trouble) (Tom Glazer)1:17
26.Paramount Seal0:09
27.Walk Like a Dragon (short version) (Composed and sung by Mel Tormé)1:43
28.Slave Market1:38
29.Traveling With a Pretty Purchase1:09
30.Cheng's Shame2:21
31.Linc Comes Home1:13
32.A Sacred Oath**1:25
33.Masters Becomes a Corpse** / A Teacher for Cheng2:06
34.Kim's Story / Linc Comes Home II2:48
35.The American Dress1:23
36.The Death of Deacon** / The Avengers3:00
37.Kim Pleads / Walk Like a Dragon Finale**2:20
38.Paramount Seal (alternate)0:11
39.Walk Like a Dragon (long version) (Composed and sung by Mel Tormé)2:17
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
WILL PENNY (David Raksin)
2.Will Penny (extended)6:24
3.One More Hand / The Wholly Family2:01
4.An Eye for an Eye / No Good Way2:51
5.Maybe So1:27
6.De-Bunking / Fahrwud1:25
8.Behind the Ears / Twixt Sap and Bark2:09
9.With Boston Charley / Merry Christmas3:34
10.2/4 D Lean 20:49
11.Wagon Fix / Sulpher Little Children / Smoked Cad2:28
12.Farewell / Theme From Will Penny (The Lonely Rider) (Don Cherry, vocal)Music by David Raksin, Lyrics by Robert Wells6:33
13.Theme From Will Penny (rock version)2:33
14.The Lonely Rider (demo)Music by David Raksin, Lyrics by Robert Wells2:25
THE HANGMAN (Harry Sukman)
15.The Hangman †stereo2:09
16.To Fort Kentonstereo0:28
17.Selah's Temptedstereo0:47
18.Amy Hopkins / Heart-Throb / No Selahstereo1:37
19.Bovard Briefs the Witnessstereo2:24
20.Pedro and Big Murph / Drop the Handkerchiefstereo2:31
22.Johnny's Homestereo1:45
23.Witness on Paradestereo3:00
24.Weston Weakensstereo1:40
25.The Plot Thickensstereo3:13
26.The Shooting / The Chasestereo2:51
27.Bovard's Storystereo3:08
28.The Jail Breakstereo1:58
29.The Hangman Finalestereo1:18
BRANDED (Roy Webb)
30.Branded Prelude1:08
31.A Short Talk1:56
32.The Trek1:35
33.Branded Finale / Cast0:47
34.The Rakes of Mallow (Streets of Laredo)0:59
35.Hotel Piano (The Hangman)1:19
36.Pedro (The Hangman)0:27
37.Party Guitar (The Furies)1:01
38.The Town Turns Out (Copper Canyon)0:44
39.Copper Canyon (Copper Canyon)0:44
# Track   Lengte
THE FURIES (Franz Waxman)
1.The Furies Prelude / Clay's Introduction (film version)2:24
2.Juan and Vance0:36
3.Posting the Invitation / A Woman Scorned1:33
4.Stay off the Furies / The Herreras' Home4:06
5.Restless Love1:50
6.Vance's Vengeance3:22
7.Attacking the Herrera Fortress1:13
8.The Squatters' Surrender2:44
9.Buying T.C.'s Montage1:00
10.The King of the Furies2:00
11.The Furies Cast0:29
12.Clay's Introduction (original version)1:29
COPPER CANYON (Daniele Amfitheatrof)
13.Copper Canyon Prelude / Foreword (extended)1:56
14.Copper Valley0:48
15.The Tale / Young and Old Love2:11
16.The Informer1:47
17.A Mysterious Helper / The Chase / Johnny's Deception5:10
18.Unexpected Help1:56
19.Balfour's Murder1:32
20.Johnny's Intrusion / Johnny Takes Command4:54
21.The Showdown3:01
22.Copper Canyon Finale / Cast1:02
23.Streets of Laredo Prelude2:35
24.Rannie Joins Up3:55
25.Rannie and New Trouble (partial)3:05
26.Saloon Piano / Law & Order4:05
27.Calico's Hacienda3:53
28.A Ranger's Revenge3:39
29.Jim Proposes3:59
30.Jim Takes the Job3:19
31.A Tense Situation / The Last Chapter (partial) / The Cast (based on3:01
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Nevada Smith: The Paramount Westerns Collection

Toegevoegd op Zaterdag, 30 November, 2019  

Black Friday titels La-La Land Records

La-La Land Records en Paramount Pictures brengen als Black Friday release Nevada Smith: The Paramount Westerns Collection uit. Deze deluxe 4-CD set bevat muziek van Westerns uit de Paramount Pictures stal. Op deze set staan de scores van NEVADA SMITH (1966), EL DORADO (1967), THREE VIOLENT PEOPLE (1957), KID RODELO (1966), WALK LIKE A DRAGON (1960), WILL PENNY (1968), THE HANGMAN (1959), BRANDED (1950), THE FURIES (1950), COPPER CANYON (1950), en STREETS OF LAREDO (1949). De recording tapes dit terug gevonden zijn in de kluis van Paramount zijn zeer zorgvuldig hersteld. Muziek van maar liefst 11 westerns gecomponeerd door Alfred Newman, Nelson Riddle, Walter Scharf, Johnny Douglas, Paul Dunlap, David Raskin, Harry Sukman, Roy Webb, Franz Waxman, Daniele Amfitheatrof en Victor Young. The Paramount Westerns Collection zorgt hiermee voor een zeer gevarieerd aanbod aan western muziek. In totaal zullen er 1000 exemplaren verkrijgbaar zijn. De totale speelduur bedraagt 5 uur en 19 minuten.

Meer info op: Official website La-La Land Records

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