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I Ladri della notte
Les voleurs de la nuit

Beat Records Company 06/12/2019 CD
Film Film release: 1984

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# Track   Lengte
Original Album
1.Thieves After Dark4:45
2.Unconscious Happiness1:46
3.Fatal Prevision2:51
4.A Fake1:02
6.Theme Of Young Lovers3:49
7.Romance Of "Thieves After Dark"3:03
8.Three Fragments2:12
9.Young Lovers1:11
10.Lancinant For Two3:29
11.Expressive Suspense0:49
Bonus Tracks
12.A Fake (#2)0:22
13.Lancinant For Two (#2)1:11
14.Fatal Prevision (#2)2:34
15.Romance Of "Thieves After Dark" (#2)1:15
16.Lancinant For Two (#3)1:57
17.Fatal Prevision (#3)0:58
18.Expressive Suspense (#2)1:23
19.Lancinant For Two (#4)2:34
20.Theme Of Young Lovers (#2)0:59
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