Big Bad Mama II

Dragon's Domain Records 25/11/2019 CD - 500 exemplaren
Film Film release: 1987

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# Track   Lengte
1.Big Bad Mama II End Credits4:11
2.A Day on the Farm/Daddy Shot4:13
3.Robbing the Bank/Shootout and Getaway3:20
4.Girls at the Waterfall/Take Off Your Pants2:34
6.Escape from the Hotel/Blowing Up the Armored Car3:00
7.Here Come the Cops3:06
8.Kissing the Hostage2:26
9.Sneaking Up on Mama2:40
10.Jackson County Fair1:59
11.Stick ‘em Up0:46
12.Carnival Shootout and Montage2:28
13.Honky-Tonk Heaven3:10
14.Mama and Darrell1:31
15.Parlor Fight3:24
16.Saying Goodbye2:11
17.Let’s Leave Hoovertown1:03
18.Polly Arrested4:38
20.Billy Jean to the Rescue1:15
21.Stroud’s Demise/Cheaters Never Prosper The End2:18
22.Big Bad Mama II End Credits (w. FX)4:11
23.Big Bad Mama II Demo1:25
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