Paradise Without People

Camphor Music 29/11/2019 Download
Documentaire Film release: 2019

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# Track   Lengte
2.What Will the Future Bring?1:57
4.Return to Camp1:36
7.Moments of Peace (It's Nice Here)0:54
8.30 Lashes1:36
9.Struggling to Breathe2:31
10.Where to Now?1:50
11.Everything Is Blocked1:12
12.Uncertain (Paradise Without People)1:12
13.Stateless (New Arrivals)1:36
14.Still Just Waiting1:29
15.Awaiting (Assignments)1:27
16.Moments of Peace (By the River)1:53
17.Breaking Down0:47
18.Tired, Disgusted, Bored2:11
19.Breaking Down (Further and Further)1:28
20.Moments of Peace1:41
21.Stateless (Deported)1:40
22.Finding Home3:01
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