Silent Night, Deadly Night
35th Anniversary Edition

Howlin' Wolf Records 15/11/2019 CD
Film Film release: 1984

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Film Mixes
1.Santa's Watching (Intro) * / Main Title ***previously unreleased recording - **previously unreleased alternate mix2:02
2.Going Nowhere2:05
3.Never Stop for Strangers ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:53
4.Snow Ax0:32
5.Caught in the Act2:25
6.Jingle Jam1:06
9.Running Away0:21
10.Erotic Dreams ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:47
11.Scary Time0:33
12.Dress Up0:31
13.Billy Loses It ****previously unreleased alternate mix3:49
14.Poor Boy0:45
15.Mad Hatter0:09
16.Santa's Bow and Arrow ****previously unreleased alternate mix4:22
17.Horns ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:28
18.A Little Later1:36
19.Smiley Face1:55
20.No Smoking0:56
21.Take Him Away0:44
22.Offing Father O'Brian ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:13
24.Snow Dreams (The Axing of Sheriff Brown) ****previously unreleased alternate mix2:53
25.Naughty ****previously unreleased alternate mix3:28
26.Punish! **previously unreleased recording0:28
1980's Soundtrack Mixes
27.Main Title1:44
29.Santa's Bow and Arrow4:20
30.Offing Father O'Brian1:13
31.Santa's Watching (Intro) / Snow Dreams (The Axing of Sheriff Brown) **2:53
33.Never Stop for Strangers1:48
34.Caught in the Act ****previously unreleased alternate mix2:22
35.Billy Loses It3:49
36.Erotic Dreams1:50
# Track   Lengte
1.It Must Be Christmas3:22
3.Santa's Watching1:39
4.Merry Christmas Baby3:31
5.The Warm Side of the Door3:47
6.Christmas Party3:43
7.Christmas Flu3:29
8.Christmas Fever0:59
9.I Wanna Sing You a Love Song3:24
10.Sweet Little Baby3:28
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