Carnival Row: Season 1

Nathan Barr 08/11/2019 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Main Title1:15
2.The Great War3:49
3.Sunken Ship2:40
4.Scripture and a Meal1:16
5.Master Here1:21
6.Dark Asher Iq2:35
7.Chasing Jack4:29
8.Goodnight Vignette2:03
9.Like Father Like Daughter1:30
10.Hope and Weakness2:24
11.No Cheating Death2:34
12.March to Mimasery2:45
13.Friendly Sweep3:12
14.Sacred Library1:00
15.Pact Air Raid3:27
16.Fatherly Familiarity2:34
17.Imogen and Agreus3:38
18.Scared of Sophie2:03
19.The Halfblood2:03
20.Our Common Enemy5:27
21.Carnival Row a Cappella2:36
22.Love Theme a Cappella2:15
23.Lora Lie LowPatty Gurdy1:56
24.Grieve No MorePatty Gurdy1:22
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