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Lakeshore Records 15/11/2019 Download
Film Film release: 2019

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# Track   Lengte
1.I Think I Should Start At The Beginning2:23
2.Dan Comes To DC, Pt. 10:50
3.Dan Comes To DC, Pt. 20:24
4.Dan Comes To DC, Pt. 30:25
5.The Rules1:39
6.Dan Gets To Work0:50
7.Real Work Begins0:36
8.Travelling to NYC0:23
10.Dr. Nathan1:34
11.Dr. Nathan Return0:49
12.Gul Rahman0:51
13.Panetta Discovery0:50
14.Good Morning1:11
15.Worry About Changing The World Later0:39
17.First Dead End0:34
21.At Least0:36
22.Committee Vote1:01
23.We Knew It Wouldn't Be Easy1:01
24.Their Side Of The Story3:24
25.New Dead End1:03
26.Panetta Review2:00
27.Breaking In1:08
28.Gonna Need A Lawyer0:38
29.Sunlight Problem1:41
30.Brennan Goes Public0:24
31.IG Is Here0:22
32.You'll Have The Pen0:57
33.Strong Pills2:46
34.Election Night0:35
35.Last Stand1:21
36.Faith In The System0:58
37.Dan Walks Away3:33
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