A Bit of Budd

JHP 29/11/2019 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Mr Funker (M15-Fb)5:12
2.Way Out M1 (SK 10)3:16
3.No Doubt (Mc-M11)3:34
4.Diamond Fortress3:04
5.In The Shadows3:41
6.Jazz It Up (Mc-M4)2:45
7.Free Tarrant3:34
8.Cassette Jazz2:19
9.For All My Days3:19
10.No Co-Operation2:38
11.Teacher And Pupil2:57
12.Main Theme2:29
13.Love At First Sight2:22
14.How Can We Run Away3:52
15.Cresta's Theme2:37
16.Theme from Aunt Harriet (Acoustic Piano)4:08
17.Theme from The Carey Treatment2:07
18.Versailles Exit3:43
19.Who Needs Love Anyway3:56
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