Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Ari Pulkkinen 08/10/2019 Download
Game soundtrack Film release: 2019

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Theme2:49
2.A Wintery Morning4:07
3.The Cursed Manor3:36
4.A Knight Turned Villain2:42
5.A Masquerade Night3:42
6.Craghill Moors4:31
7.The Hunter on the Heath2:28
8.The Thorny Hedge Maze5:37
9.Heatherwood Hall5:36
10.The Prince's Dream4:44
11.A Wizard's Worst Nightmare2:29
12.Moonlit Forests4:40
13.The Badgerborough5:03
14.Goldleaf Garden4:36
15.Firwood Water4:25
16.The Broken Fellowship2:01
17.The Crackling Mire4:10
18.The Blueberry Forest5:01
19.The Gossamer Grove5:13
20.Her Majesty of Misdemeanor2:30
21.Snow-Topped Heights4:45
22.The Nightmare Prince4:32
23.Haunted Tombs3:55
24.The Rising Shadow3:14
25.Toby's Dream3:48
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