Ju-On: The Grudge / Ju-On: The Grudge 2

Heart Of Gold 2003 CD - 2500 exemplaren (4540957003328)

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Shiro Sato
1.Ju-On Theme1:10
2.The Closet- Stagnant Air2:26
3.The Black Shadow2:49
4.The Shadow3:59
5.The Wriggling Sign2:52
6.Distant Trace1:07
7.Those Who Are There2:04
8.Ghost Residence2:59
9.Distant Memory- Fate1:08
10.Those Who Come1:56
11.Ju-On Theme- The House4:15
13.The Spectacle Is Repeated2:30
14.It Does Not End The Tragedy1:16
15.The Sign- Ju-On Theme3:28
17.Kiyouko Theme- Time Destroys Everything1:22
18.Sound Of The Wall2:01
19.Kiyouko Theme2:25
21.The Curse Of The Black Hair4:19
22.Past Tragedy3:32
23.Soul Of The Deceased- Ju-On Theme2:34
24.The Contagious Dream3:05
25.The Grudge That Transmigrates2:37
26.Meditation/ Revelation1:45
28.Ju-On Theme- It Is Bad The Thing1:57
Gary Ashiya
29.Ju-On Theme (Video Edition)Video Movies1:57
30.SomethingVideo Movies1:33
31.RecollectionVideo Movies1:21
32.End Of RecollectionVideo Movies0:50
33.Ju-On Theme- ChainVideo Movies2:57
34.The Moaning That Was CrushedVideo Movies0:42
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