Deep Water
Original TV Soundtrack

Silva Screen Records 13/09/2019 Download
Silva Screen Records 20/09/2019 CD (0738572160821)

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.A Nameless Stream (Boat Intro) 
2.StaticBeth Orton 
3.Roz Piano Theme 
4.Nothing’s As It Seems 
5.Hollow Sound Of The Fall (Lisa Piano) 
6.Deep Water 
7.Chorus of Voices (Scott & Rozz pt. 1) 
8.Alone In My Head 
9.The Pulsing Current (WTF Is Up With Lucinda?) 
10.Lakeside Drive 
11.Leaping at Clouds 
12.Devil’s in the Detail 
13.Lucinda Where Are You 
14.Frantic Move (Lisa Guilt) 
15.Frozen in Silence (Lisa & Jo Full) 
17.Hollow Sound of the Falls (The Fireworks) 
18.The Darkness in the Mirror 
19.Dark Water 
20.Chorus of Voices (Roz & Scott Full) 
21.Never Fixed 
22.Come to the Edge 
23.A Lost Love (Joanne Theme) 
24.Frozen in Silence (Kate & Jo pt.2) 
26.Alone in My Head pt.2 
27.Hiding Beneath (Guy & Joanne) 
28.A Nameless Stream (Boathouse Full) Lucinda Where Are You? String Version 
29.Kate Come Home 
30.Distance Between the Dreams (The End) 
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