A View from the Bridge

Observable Universe 08/08/2019 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Ruins in Things3:52
2.Boxes Suspended in Air3:35
3.Alfieri (I)0:31
4.Entirely Unromantic1:47
5.Call to Immigration1:52
6.The Cousins Came0:58
8.Lift Low1:07
9.Lift High0:45
10.There Was a Future2:04
11.Alfieri (II)0:37
12.Red Hook Drone (I)5:28
13.Press the Knife2:39
15.This Is My House7:04
16.Red Hook Drone (II)4:32
17.His Death Useless2:16
18.Beatrice (Alone)2:26
20.Fog Horn0:15
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