Wagram Music 23/08/2019 Vinyl (3596973708762)
Film Film release: 1994

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# Track   Lengte
Face A
2.Cute Name3:25
3.Ballad For Mathilda2:14
4.What's Happening Out There?3:03
5.A Bird In New York1:19
6.She Is Dead1:32
# Track   Lengte
Face B
2.Leon The Cleaner1:48
3.Can I Have A Word With You?1:12
4.The Game Is Over1:35
5.Feel The Breath3:20
6.Room 46021:17
# Track   Lengte
Face C
1.Very Special Delivery2:44
2.When Leon Does His Best2:09
3.Back On The Crime Scene2:34
4.Birds Of Storm1:36
5.Tony The IBM1:56
6.How Do You Know It's Love?1:29
# Track   Lengte
Face D
1.The Fight (Part 1: The Swat Squad)2:33
2.The Fight (Part 2: Bring Me Everyone)4:30
3.The Fight (Part 3: The Big Weapon)3:04
4.The Fight (Part 4: One Is Alive)3:10
5.Two Ways Out3:08
6.Hey Little Angel4:48
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