Being Frank

Lakeshore Records 14/06/2019 Download
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.Please Choose Me4:11
2.Piss Off1:41
3.Phillip Prepares To Leave0:53
4.We're Busted1:56
5.Second Family1:33
6.Phillip Calls Home0:34
7.Pizza Surprise0:49
8.Frank's Meltdown1:03
9.The Boys Go Jogging1:10
10.Phillip Feels Bad1:30
11.Pictures In The Hall0:53
12.Outhouse Carvings0:58
13.Happy And Free2:19
14.Frank's Plan1:13
15.Stress Drive0:55
16.The Realty Office0:41
17.Finally A Kiss1:20
18.Lewis Comes Out1:22
19.He'll Be Ok1:42
20.The Starling Festival4:14
21.Leaving The Hospital2:23
22.Full Body Cast1:08
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