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Get Carter
Deluxe Hardback Edition (3Cd)

Cherry Red Records 26/07/2019 CD (5013929107502)
Film Film release: 1971

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# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack
1.Get Carter (Intro) 
3.Carter Takes The Train (Main Title) 
5.Lookin’ For Someone 
6.The Race Track (Dialogue) 
7.Somethin’ On My Mind 
9.Gettin’ Nowhere In A Hurry 
11.The Girl In The Car 
12.The Phone Call (Dialogue) 
13.Love Is A Four Letter Word 
15.Living Should Be That Way 
19.Goodbye Eric + Dialogue 
22.Goodbye Carter! 
# Track   Lengte
Original Soundtrack Bonus Material
1.Get Carter (Alternative Mix 1) 
4.Hallucinations (Alternative Vocal Mix) 
6.Gettin’ Nowhere In A Hurry (Instrumental + Dialogue) 
7.Love Is A Four Letter Word (Alternative Mix) 
8.Manhunt (Alternative Mix) 
10.Get Carter (Alternative Mix 2) 
11.Gettin’ Nowhere In A Hurry (Alternative Vocal Mix) 
12.Hallucinations (Instrumental Mix) 
13.How About You 
14.Get Carter (7&8243; Single Version) 
15.Get Carter (Dope On A Rope Us Remix) 
16.Get Carter (De Few 2 Smoking Barrels Remix) 
17.Get Carter (Deadly Avenger Remix) 
18.Get Carter (Breakneck Dirtbox Remix) 
# Track   Lengte
A Bit Of Budd
1.Mr Funker (M15-Fb) (From Foxbat) 
2.Way Out M1 (Sk 10) (From The Stone Killer) 
3.No Doubt (Mc-M11) (From The Marseille Contract) 
4.Diamond Fortress (From Diamonds) 
5.In The Shadows (From The Stone Killer) 
6.Jazz It Up (Mc-M4) (From The Marseille Contract) 
7.Free Tarrant (From The Black Windmill) 
8.Cassette Jazz (From The Black Windmill) 
9.For All My Days (From Kidnapped) 
10.No Cooperation (From The Black Windmill) 
11.Teacher And Pupil (From Paper Tiger) 
12.Main Theme (From Fear Is The Key) 
13.Love At First Sight (Theme From The Warsaw Concerto) (From The Sea Wolves) 
14.How Can We Run Away (From Something To Hide) 
15.Cresta’s Song (From Soldier Blue) 
16.Theme From Aunt Harriet 
17.The Carey Treatment (From The Carey Treatment) 
18.Versailles Exit 
19.Who Needs Love Anyway 
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