Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

Materia Collective 16/05/2019 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Bubsy: Paws on Fire (Title Theme)2:02
2.Murphy's Paw (Bubsy)2:43
3.The Yarn Less Raveled (Bubsy)2:41
4.Arnold McDarnold0:33
5.UFO OMG (Bubsy)2:42
6.Howlraiser (Bubsy)2:43
7.Shell on Wheels0:35
8.Knit and Run (Bubsy)2:44
9.Base Invaders (Bubsy)2:43
10.Fleet Feet Feat1:06
11.Baws #1: Holy Woolie!1:59
12.Catography #1: The Village0:37
13.Murphy's Paw (Virgil)2:42
14.UFO OMG (Virgil)2:43
15.Please Hold for Arnold0:34
16.The Yarn Less Raveled (Virgil)2:44
17.Knit and Run (Virgil)2:44
18.Shell Insurance0:34
19.Base Invaders (Virgil)2:41
20.Howlraiser (Virgil)2:43
21.Clothes Encounters0:52
22.Baws #2: Goo!1:07
23.Catography #2: UFO Research Facility0:39
24.The Yarn Less Raveled (Woolie)2:44
25.Knit and Run (Woolie)2:44
27.UFO OMG (Woolie)2:43
28.Murphy's Paw (Woolie)2:43
29.What's Arnold is Arnnew0:34
30.Base Invaders (Woolie)2:42
31.Howlraiser (Woolie)2:42
32.Baws #3: Oinker!2:40
33.Catography #3: Amazootorium0:38
34.This Is Your Dry Cleaning Receipt2:08
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