Requiem For A Dream
Record Store Day 2016

Nonesuch 16/04/2016 Vinyl - 5000 exemplaren (075597947298)
Film Film release: 2000

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side A - Summer
1.Summer OvertureClint Mansell2:36
2.PartyClint Mansell0:28
3.Coney Island DreamingClint Mansell1:04
4.PartyClint Mansell0:36
5.Chocolate CharmsClint Mansell0:25
6.Ghosts Of Things To ComeClint Mansell1:33
7.DreamsClint Mansell0:44
8.TenseClint Mansell0:37
9.Dr. PillClint Mansell0:42
10.High On LifeClint Mansell0:11
11.GhostsClint Mansell1:21
12.Crimin' & Dealin'Clint Mansell1:44
13.Hope OvertureClint Mansell2:31
14.TenseClint Mansell0:28
15.Bialy & Lox CongaThe Moonrats0:45
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side B - Fall
1.Cleaning ApartmentClint Mansell1:25
2.Ghosts-FallingClint Mansell1:11
3.DreamsClint Mansell1:02
4.ArnoldClint Mansell2:35
5.Marion BarfsClint Mansell2:22
6.Supermarket SweepClint Mansell2:14
7.DreamsClint Mansell0:32
8.Sara Goldfarb Has Left The BuildingClint Mansell1:17
9.Bugs Got A Devilish Grin CongaThe Moonrats0:57
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side C - Winter
1.Winter OvertureClint Mansell0:19
2.Southern HospitalityClint Mansell1:23
3.FearClint Mansell2:26
4.Full TenseClint Mansell1:04
5.The Beginning Of The EndClint Mansell4:28
6.Ghosts Of A Future LostClint Mansell1:50
7.MeltdownClint Mansell3:55
8.Lux AeternaClint Mansell3:54
9.Coney Island LowClint Mansell2:13
# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Side D - In The End It's All Nice
1.Purple In The Morning, Blue In The Afternoon, Orange In The Evening, Green At NightClint Mansell13:16
2.30 Days To Revolutionize Your Life!!! 1-900-976-JUICEClint Mansell6:55
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