Record Store Day 2019

Terror Vision Records 13/04/2019 Vinyl - 500 exemplaren (643157446187)
Film Film release: 1987

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.Main Title 
2.The Lab 
4.40 Paces, No Further 
5.Livestock For Food 
6.Let's Get Some Chow 
7.Wake Up 
8.False Alarm 
9.Jesse Bites It 
10.Walker Crawls (Part 1) 
11.Walker Crawls (Part 2) 
12.Butch Crawls 
13.The Creep Shows Up 
14.Computer Analysis 
15.The Giant Rat Chows Down 
16.Run To The Computer 
17.Rat Surprise 
# Track   Lengte
Side B
1.Butch In The Cave 
2.Butch Pukes 
3.Old Granny Fight 
4.Chase & Crawl 
5.Blood Bath 
6.The Getaway 
7.Sneaking Around 
8.Whip The Guy Around 
9.Whipt The Guy Again 
10.The Deadly Needle 
11.A Star Is Born / The Last Straw 
12.End Credits 
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