Get Carter

Music on Vinyl 13/04/2019 Vinyl - 1000 exemplaren (8719262009042)
Film Film release: 1971

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.Get Carter Intro0:36
2.Dialogue “Is there a Mr. Carter in the room?”0:17
3.Main Theme / Carter Takes A Train2:58
4.Dialogue “Do you know a man called Albert Swift?”0:37
5.Looking For Someone2:32
6.Dialogue / The Race Track1:30
7.Something On My Mind4:14
8.Dialogue “Who Killed Frank?”0:51
9.Getting Nowhere In A Hurry3:09
10.Dialogue “Tell me about the girl”1:03
11.The Girl In The Car2:25
12.Dialogue “I fancy you”2:14
13.Love Is A Four Letter Word2:40
14.Dialogue “You’re lucky. They kill as well”0:58
15.Livin’ Should Be This Way3:16
# Track   Lengte
Side B
1.Dialogue “All it takes is one call to the police”0:18
3.Dialogue “Drink up, Eric”1:21
4.Goodbye Eric!0:48
5.Dialogue “I want you to listen very carefully”0:06
7.Dialogue “You’re a big man but you’re in bad shape”0:41
9.Dialogue “Stay away from the car or I’ll blow you apart”0:10
10.Goodbye Carter!3:39
11.Dialogue “Talk or I’ll kill you0:06
12.Hallucinations Instrumental4:23
13.Getting Nowhere In A Hurry Instrumental3:10
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