A.I. Rising

Universal Music 12/03/2019 Download
Film Film release: 2019

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# Track   Lengte
1.Who Is Nimani1:36
2.A.I. Rising (Opening Title)3:26
3.Mission Start2:15
4.Just A Drop In Space5:41
5.Relationship Mode1:18
6.A.I. Solar Charging2:02
7.Earth Is Calling (feat. Stoya & Kirsty Besterman)2:08
8.I've Missed You1:12
9.Zero Gravity Ballet1:40
10.In My Heart (V Serce Moye) (feat. Dragana Jovanović)2:28
11.I Need To Reboot Myself3:01
12.Ship Hacking1:58
13.Introspection Therapy (feat. Stoya & Marusa Majer & Sebastian Cavazza)3:33
14.A.I. First Dream2:09
15.Argument And Tears2:36
16.You Did Not Set Me Free1:19
17.You Are Nothing To Me2:06
18.We All Failed2:24
19.Why Don't You Shut Me Down1:14
21.Nimani, Come Forth1:49
22.Nimani Rising (End Title) (feat. F.A.M.E.‘S. Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra)3:55
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