Finding Your Feet

Air-Edel Records 25/02/2019 Download
Film Film release: 2017

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# Track   Lengte
1.Ariel Views 
2.Sandra Cries / Bif Swimming at the Lido 
3.Lady Abbott 
4.Sandra Unwell 
5.Sandra Told Off By Bif 
6.Sandra Watches Old Dancing Video, Cries Herself to Sleep 
7.Charlie at the Care Home, Sandra at the Park 
8.Lily Throws the Plate 
9.Charlie Says Goodbye to Lily 
10.Sandra Receives Divorce Papers 
11.Sandra and Charlie Chat 
12.Sandra’s Love of Dancing Rekindled 
13.Sandra On Her Way to the Mash Up! 
14.Sandra at the Lido with Bif 
15.Christmas Lights 
16.Charlie Kissed Sandra 
17.Christmas Dinner at Bif’s 
18.Bif Tells Sandra about Her Cancer 
19.Charlie Brings a Spliff to Bif’s 
20.Bif Tells Sandra about her Italian Lover 
21.Charlie’s Confession at the Trevi Fountain 
22.Sandra Finds Bif’s Body / Sandra Gives Bif’s Eulogy 
23.Mike Apologises to Sandra 
24.The Last Christmas Decoration 
25.Sandra Reads the Letter from Charlie 
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