Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype

Dragon's Domain Records 03/03/2019 CD - 500 exemplaren (712187486644)
Film Film release: 1980

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# Track   Lengte
1.Intro / Main Titles2:38
2.Heckylís Office and Partners0:49
3.Coralís Love Theme1:21
4.The First Transformation2:26
5.Dream / Mr. Hype2:00
6.Mr. Hype Sneaks Out / Havoc1:49
7.Hinkle, Finebum and Hype1:47
8.Honky-tonk Cop and Coralís Love Theme #21:32
9.Hypeís Stroll Thru Town0:38
10.Cops Chase Hype / Hype Dumps Woman0:53
11.Druck Follows Hype2:00
12.Madame Pureeís Last Foxtrot2:18
13.Heckyl Remembers Coral1:03
14.Dumping Puree / Finding Coral2:01
15.In Pursuit / Monster On The Loose1:00
16.Love Reprise0:54
17.Transformation Music FX0:52
18.Cops Follow2:18
19.Hoo Tries The Potion0:30
20.Followed / Liza Dropped Her Bag3:50
21.Squish You Like a Bug1:43
22.Hyping It Up3:06
23.Heckyl Remembers When0:55
24.Still Looking / In The Garbage?0:59
25.Hoo Dies1:08
26.Escape & Capture0:58
28.Finale & End Titles2:35
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