Cold Pursuit

Varèse Sarabande 08/02/2019 Download
Varèse Sarabande 08/03/2019 CD (0888072091054)
Film Film release: 2019

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# Track   Lengte
1.Snow Plough1:30
2.Citizen Of The Year1:55
3.Cold Pursuit Main Title (feat. Dan Carey)0:37
4.News Of Kyle1:18
5.The Funeral Turning Away (feat. Dan Carey)1:16
6.Speedo (feat. Dan Carey)1:23
7.To The Ravine1:18
8.Limbo Checks Out2:14
9.The Plough & The Jeep Extended (feat. Dan Carey)2:06
10.It Just Did (feat. Dan Carey)2:46
11.Eye To Eye1:07
14.A Son For A Son1:40
15.Scouting (feat. Dan Carey)1:11
16.It’s About Your Son1:18
17.I’m The Messenger1:22
19.Come And Get It1:00
20.Lost Culture0:56
21.Closing In (feat. Dan Carey)4:51
22.Turf War At Nels (feat. Dan Carey)2:35
23.The Aftermath1:48
24.Doing My Job1:25
25.Cold Pursuit End Titles (feat. Dan Carey)6:49
26.Speedo Remix (feat. Dan Carey)3:24
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