Gabriel Yared: Film Music 1980/1998

Film | Releasejaar: 1998 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
City of Angels
1.An Angel Falls1:05
2.Unfeeling Kiss1:51
3.Spreading Wings2:10
The English Patient
4.Main Title3:35
5.A Retreat1:24
6.Convento Di Sant'Anna0:53
7.Ask Your Saint1:06
8.Rupert Bear1:24
Wings of Courage
9.Henri the Ant0:58
Map of the Human Heart
13.Main Titles4:37
Le Premier Cercle
14.Main Title1:56
15.Bulgarian Choir1:21
L'Instinct De L'Ange
The Lover
17.Main Title3:11
L'Arche & Les Déluges
18.Ut Jucundas2:04
19.Les Dieux Engloutis1:05
20.Main Title1:06
IP 5
21.Boléro Tag2:31
Camille Claudel
22.Camille & Rodin2:14
La Romana
24.Main Title2:14
Betty Blue
25.That's the Wind Betty2:21
26.Betty & Zorg2:25
27.Storms for the Night1:53
28.Chile Con Carne2:03
30.A Sunset1:03
Hanna K
31.Main Title2:21
The Moon in the Gutter
32.Industrial Madness2:06
33.Tango of the Blind Alley2:10
34.Fugue into the Cathedral1:44
35.Prelude to the Rain1:48
Sauve Qui Peut (La Vie)
36.Main Title1:10
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