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Celtic Folklore and Fairytales

Brave New Worlds 20/08/2012 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Touch the Sky (Featured in "Brave")Irish Songs2:21
2.This Is Berk (Featured in "How to Train Your Dragon")St Patricks Day Players1:36
3.For the Love of a Princess (Featured in "Braveheart")The Brave Hearts3:12
4.To the Stars (Featured in "Dragonheart")L'Orchestra Numerique1:44
5.In the Hall of the Mountain KingThe Brave Hearts1:04
6.O'Neill's CastleIrish Songs1:45
7.Brian Boru's MarchSt Patricks Day Players1:42
8.Fate Has Smiled Upon Us (Featured in "Robin Hood 2011")L'Orchestra Numerique1:53
9.She Moved Through the FairIrish Songs2:23
10.Scotland the BraveThe Brave Hearts1:30
11.Fluffy Harp (Featured in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone")The Brave Hearts1:46
12.Haste to a WeddingThe Brave Hearts2:45
13.Flower of ScottlandL'Orchestra Numerique1:46
14.Farewell to MusicSt Patricks Day Players3:44
15.Return of the King (Featured in "Lord of the Rings")The Brave Hearts10:06
16.Us and Them (Featured in "Downton Abbey")The Brave Hearts1:48
17.Cradle Song of ScotlandSt Patricks Day Players2:19
18.Blarney JigSt Patricks Day Players1:36
19.Theme from River DanceSt Patricks Day Players5:06
20.It's a Long Way to Tipperary (Featured in "Downton Abbey")The Brave Hearts1:38
21.Carolans ConcertoIrish Songs1:30
22.King of the FairiesIrish Songs2:12
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