Kid's TV Themes: 30 Children's TV Classics New & Old

SFO 03/09/2013 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.It's the Weekend (From "Cbeebies") (Children's Party Mix)Kidstime Party Band1:36
2.Scooby Doo (From "Scooby Doo") (Halloween Party Mix)The Evolved1:01
3.Mona the Vampire Theme (From "Mona the Vampire") (Halloween Party Mix)Kidstime Party Band1:01
4.The Best of Friends (From "Justin's House") (Children's Party Mix)Kidstime Party Band3:05
5.Shaun the Sheep Intro (From "Shaun the Sheep") (Children's Party Mix)Kidstime Party Band0:40
6.Teen Titans Theme (From "Teen Titans") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei1:01
7.Chowder Theme (From "Chowder") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei0:28
8.Are You Afraid of the Dark (From "Are You Afraid of the Dark") (Halloween Party Mix)The Evolved0:44
9.Addams Family Theme (From "The Addams Family") (Halloween Party Mix)L'Orchestra Numerique0:44
10.Snoopy Halloween Special (From "Peanuts") (Halloween Party Mix)L'Orchestra Numerique2:20
11.Sabrina the Teenage Witch Theme (From "Sabrina the Teenage Witch") (Halloween Party Mix)Halloween Party Band0:20
12.The Time Has Come to Say Goodnight (From "Cbeebies") (Children's Party Mix)Kidstime Party Band0:42
13.The Hex Girls (From "Scooby Doo") (Halloween Party Mix)Halloween Allstars1:39
14.Ruby Gloom Theme (From "Ruby Gloom") (Halloween Party Mix)What is Halloween1:02
15.Kim Possible Theme (From "Kim Possible") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei1:01
16.Ninjago Theme (From "Ninjago") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei1:15
17.Cow and Chicken Theme (From "Cow and Chicken") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei0:31
18.The Munsters Theme (From "The Munsters") (Halloween Party Mix)L'Orchestra Numerique0:43
19.Invader Zim Theme (From "Invader Zim") (Halloween Party Mix)Kidstime Party Band1:10
20.Goosebumps Theme (From "Goosebumps") (Halloween Party Mix)The Evolved1:19
21.The Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy (From "The Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy") (Halloween Party Mix)Tricks and Treats0:34
22.The Penguins of Madagascar Theme (From "The Penguins of Madagascar") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei0:46
23.Foster's House for Imaginary Friends Theme (From "Foster's House for Imaginary Friend") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei1:01
24.Soft Kitty Warm Kitty (From "The Big Bang Theory") (Lullaby Mix)Anime Kei1:04
25.A Kind of Magic Theme (From "A Kind of Magic") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei0:55
26.Gravity Falls Theme (From "Gravity Floor") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei0:41
27.Avatar: The Legend of Aang Theme (From "Avatar: The Legend of Aang") (Instrumental Mix)Anime Kei0:57
28.Pokémon Theme (From "Pokemon") (Rock Mix)Harajuku Nation3:17
29.Yu Gi Oh Theme (From "Yu Gi Oh") (Instrumental Mix)Nostromo Pilots5:40
30.Dragon Ball Z Theme (From "Dragonball Z") (Instrumental Mix)Harajuku Nation3:40
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