Anime Stars Volume 2

SFO 08/12/2011 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Highschool of the Dead: Main Theme (From Highschool of the Dead)The Evolved3:32
2.What’s up People ? (From Death Note: Second Series)The Evolved4:18
3.Claymore: Raison D’etre (From Claymore)Anime Kei1:58
4.Code Geass: Mosaic Kakera (From Code Gaess)Anime Kei4:31
5.XxxHolic: Nobody Knows (From XxxHolic series 2)Anime Kei1:34
6.Gurren Lagann: Sorairo Days (From Gurren Lagann)Harajuku Nation1:19
7.hack//link: Stairs of Time (From .hack)Thematic Pianos4:19
8.Tsubasa Chronicles: Blaze (From Tsubasa Chronicles)Anime Kei1:39
9.Black Blood Brothers: Ashita no Kioku (From Blood Brothers)Harajuku Nation4:05
10.Ghost in the Shell: Floating Museum (From Ghost in the Shell)Thematic Pianos5:19
11.Shaman King: Northern Lights (From Shaman King series 2)Anime Kei1:35
12.Hunter x Hunter: Ohayou (From Hunter x Hunter)Anime Kei4:32
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