Respawn 2 - More Great Gamer Anthems

SFO 08/12/2011 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.It was the Joker (From Batman Arkham City)The Evolved1:18
2.Iron (From Assassins Creed Revelations)The Evolved2:26
3.Finally a Tomorrow (From Gears of War 3)Anime Kei3:14
4.Burning Jacob's Ladder (From Rage)Thematic Pianos5:11
5.Entry Theme (From Resistance 3)The Evolved1:36
6.Icarus (From Deus Ex: Human Revolution)The Evolved3:44
7.Battlefield 3 Main Theme (From Battlefield 3)Harajuku Nation1:48
8.Modern Warfare 3 Theme (From Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3)The Evolved2:57
9.Skyward Sword Theme (From The Legend of Zelda)The Evolved1:35
10.Skyrim Theme (From The Elder Scrolls V)Anime Kei2:27
11.Mad World (From Gears of War)Thematic Pianos3:00
12.Epilogue (From Crysis 2)The Evolved3:17
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