Goon: Last of the Enforcers

Notefornote Music 07/12/2018 Download
Notefornote Music 07/12/2018 CD (0866661000472)
Film Film release: 2017

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# Track   Lengte
1.Itís Not Delivery, Itís Sports Centre1:37
2.Dougís Captaincy Speech1:25
3.Anders Arrives0:36
4.Glatt / Cain Rivalry0:46
5.Tensions Rising / Cain Fights1:49
6.Iím Proud Of Us (Doug and Evaís Theme)1:01
7.Highlanders Failing0:48
8.Doug Opens His Present0:39
9.Doug Missing His Team / Left Hand!1:17
10.Rhea and Doug Reunite1:53
11.Doug Signs The Waiver0:37
12.Doug and Rhea / Last Men Standing1:55
13.Anders Taunts Doug1:02
15.Doug / Totan Staredown1:06
17.The Baby Is Coming0:45
18.Highlanders Visit Doug and the Baby2:08
19.The Final Game (Scotland the Brave)2:41
20.Tension Mounting2:20
21.Cain Fires Puck At Hyrum3:52
22.Doug Spares Cain / The Final Punch1:58
23.I Hate This F@#$ing Sport0:35
24.The Last Of The Enforcers1:09
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