Not of this Earth

Terror Vision Records 31/07/2015 Download
Film Film release: 1988

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# Track   Lengte
1.Journey to Earth1:09
2.Main Title2:41
3.Slitting Your Wrists: Blood Test1:07
4.Coming Home: Skruffy1:48
5.The Terror Rhapsody1:41
6.Miss Story's Bedroom0:42
7.Nadine's Basement Trip1:52
8.Several Hundred Questions2:27
9.Strip of Death: in the Cellar1:44
11.Sending the Suitcase: Enter the Beam1:42
12.A Pound of Flesh3:17
13.Call an Optometrist: Finding Out3:13
14.No Contact1:58
15.Phone Booth: Stop Running Nadine1:19
16.Driving Mr. Johnson2:20
17.Here Lies a Man: End Titles4:16
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