Apophis Saga - Prequel Collection

Attic Studio 28/11/2018 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Apophis Zero (Main Theme)3:12
2.The Light of the First Guardians3:43
3.Thoughts of a Wandering Fairy (from AS Prequel Comic VI: Nova Aeris: Diplomacy Sacrifice)4:38
4.80 Years (from AS Prequel Comic II: Susan Treelyn: A Ruined Childhood)4:02
5.Fist of the Will (from AS Prequel Comic I: Flora Gunbow: The Little Miner)4:13
6.Whiskey for Dinner (from AS Prequel Comic IV: Luke von Rocket: The Great Treasure)4:07
7.Rainbow Sphere Queen (from AS Prequel Comic III: Arya Nel Aquarie: Training under the World)5:15
8.Red Hair and Indigo Wings (from AS Prequel Comic V: Prima Aeris: Hoax Purge)3:56
9.Donovan of the Wenregor Kingdom (from AS Prequel Comic VII: Chaos Crystal Creation)4:13
10.Gullible Amnesia (From As Prequel Comic VIII Special N°1: The First Guardians)4:18
11.A smile, One Pipe and A Cloak (from AS Prequel Comic IX Special n° 2: Crysanth Oracle Foundation)4:21
12.Apophis Saga Main (Timeline Preambolo)7:12
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